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The influence of COVID-19 has led to changes in the way we think, the way we act and even the way we work. To be successful, people must deal with inevitable challenges, figure out new ways to accomplish goals and become comfortable amidst new circumstances. The questionable part is that when the smoke clears, how

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Are we in the midst of – or are about to enter – a period of economic uncertainty? Who knows? But some high-achieving salespeople don’t just survive hard times – they create new “personal best” performance levels during potential down cycles in their business. How do they do it?  In a new white paper, the

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By Anthony D. Martino, OLDER LUNDY KOCH & MARTINO, Attorneys at Law Say you or your company is being sued in a claim for which you have insurance. As part of your insurance coverage, the insurer will provide you with a lawyer. This lawyer is either an “insurance defense lawyer” who makes their money from

Bank of America names two Tampa Bay nonprofits as 2022 Neighborhood Builders

Bank of America has named the St. Pete Free Clinic and the University Area Community Development Corporation as 2022 Bank of America Neighborhood Builders awardees for their work in the community to remove economic barriers and advance economic opportunity. With multi-year grant funding, the organization’s programs and services that address local access to healthcare, nutritious

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By Federico Foli and Vera Anderson As organizations continue to engage in digital transformation, it is important to remember what is driving the success of these projects. Focusing on the technology itself can uncover inefficiencies within an organization’s operations, and culture, that lead to undesirable results. Here are some reminders of where the focus should

Great Places and Spaces: An office plan to ponder (PHOTOS)

Lawyers are not typically known for designing offices with stylized architectural flair, but the law firm of Shutts & Bowen is making bold moves to blow out the walls of its Tampa office, literally.  As part of its recent office expansion, the firm’s Tampa office constructed a large open-air terrace that weaves into the majestic

VIDEO RECAP: TBBW’s CEO Connect with Shilen Patel

Tampa Bay Business and Wealth held its February CEO Connect with Shilen Patel at the J.C. Newman Cigar Co., in Tampa. The sold-out event was held as a part of Tampa Bay Innovation Week and featured a live interview with Patel, CEO of HealthAxis. Presenting sponsors for the event included Seacoast Bank, TiE Tampa Bay,

Inspired Leadership Group focuses on an integrated approach to well-being

Inspired Leadership Group starts with a simple premise: to inspire leaders to take care of themselves so they can better take care of their teams. With retreats across the United States—Florida, California, Texas and Colorado among a growing list—and across the globe in Mexico and Italy, Inspired Leadership Group focuses on an integrated approach to