20 Questions With … Barry Shevlin

As CEO of Clearwater-based Vology, Barry Shevlin leads the managed information technology, cloud and security services company on sales growth and product expansion. Shevlin has anchored himself in the business and technology communities as a visionary who has capitalized on emerging trends and a proven innovator of solutions to help businesses grow.

Vology delivers professional technology hiring services, innovation and end-user experiences for all businesses across many industries. It monitors, manages and maintains 260,000 devices at its 32,000 customer sites and provides access to 2,200 audited field technicians nationwide.

1. College alma mater?

I went to Hofstra University on Long Island for a few weeks, but college didn’t agree with me.

2. Last book you read? 

“The Advantage” by Patrick Lencioni.

3. Last place you vacationed?

Kinsale, Ireland.

4. PC or Mac? 


5. Guilty-pleasure food?

A three-way, from Skyline Chili in Clearwater. (A three-way is spaghetti topped with chili and cheddar cheese.)

6. We’ll find you on the weekend doing?

Something on Clearwater Beach.

7. Biggest fear? 

Artificial intelligence.

8. Proudest moment? 

When Kathy [his wife] said “yes.”

9. Dream dinner companion?

A tie between [entrepreneur and software developer] Marc Andreessen and [Opsware CEO] Ben Horowitz.

10. Any pets? 

Dexter, a 10-year-old Labrador mix.

11. Who did you last text? 

My wife.

12. What is your cellphone wallpaper image?

A picture of the Tampa Bay Rays’ scoreboard at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg after Matt Garza’s no-hitter in 2010.

13. What do you listen to in the car? 

Alternative hits or blues.

14. What is your go-to drink order?

A pint of Guinness.

15. Favorite candy? 

I’m not a candy person. Cadbury chocolate, I guess.

16. Do you suffer from Primenesia*?

Yes. Is there another word for ordering the same thing twice, because you forgot? I suffer from that one, too.

17. Pool or beach? 

Beach. (See No. 6.)

18. Charity you support? 

Suncoast Hospice-Empath Health.

19. Favorite childhood memory?

My first baseball game at Yankee Stadium.

20. Words of advice? 

Listen more, talk less.

*Primenesia: The act of ordering from Amazon and forgetting about it.

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