Gator Cases changes tune and starts making face masks

Gator Co., in Tampa, is using its manufacturing abilities to help those in need and has started making a line of fabric masks that include a pocket for replaceable filters.

The masks and filters will be available for retail and online sales, with sale proceeds going towards the donation of masks and filters to those in need.

“The demand for masks is very serious,” said Crystal Morris, founder & CEO of Gator Co., in a statement. “I read the media reports and researched ways we can help with the mask shortage. We needed to respond and we have the capabilities to make a positive impact. And we wanted to stick to our music roots with a few fun music patterns.  We’re excited to be able to help in any way as we all rally to get through this.”

The masks are made from cotton fabric with adjustable straps. Each mask comes with a felt replacement filter cut to fit inside the mask.

Five patterns are available now, including two music-themed patterns.

The masks and filters will be made in, and distributed from, the U.S. You can order the masks here:

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