Red Rover: Fetchable Storage has Tampa Bay bones

Warning: Canine puns ahead. Need storage? Go fetch. A hybrid storage concept offering customers a creative solution has established its headquarters in Tampa. The choice of location makes sense, given that CEO, Peter Warhurst of Pods fame, has deep industry roots in the area. His venture, begun in 1999 and aptly named Red Rover, represents

Leah Roddenberry reigns

Tampa Bay area resident Leah Roddenberry earned a royal upgrade in June, when she shifted her Miss Tampa crown over to make way for the Miss Florida tiara. The honor caps a two-year cycle of competition preparation and pandemic-era outreach, and begins her countdown to the Miss America scholarship competition in December. She describes her

Pamela Noel: A doctor, inventor, author and a philanthropist

The adage “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime” rings true to Pamela Noel. A licensed infectious disease physician, practicing in Tampa, she often travels to Haiti to direct the efforts of Haiti’s Elite Medical Team. Noel founded HELMT

Kerry Szymanski: Director, comedian and entrepreneur

Tay area entrepreneurs: Whether you’re struggling to navigate a marketplace affected by COVID-19 or need help making a business dream profitable, the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre is here for you. Webinars, training, business coaching, networking opportunities, financial assistance … it’s all available, and it’s all free. And a side benefit? The director just might

Q&A With Miss Tampa: Leah Roddenberry

Steady is the head that wears the crown: Meet Leah Roddenberry, the longest-reigning Miss Tampa, future lawyer, author and advocate. When she was crowned in March 2020, Roddenberry looked forward to the year of service that comes with the title. Then the pandemic hit. After more than a year, packed with creative Zoom outreach sessions

Jonathan Moore: President, problem-solver and philanthropist

Jonathan Moore is a Tampa Bay problem-solver who believes in the boomerang effect. That “give and you shall receive” philosophy has permeated his relationships within the Tampa Bay business community for two decades. Today, the InVision Advisors president manages design and construction processes for owners, keeps philanthropy top of mind and wakes up every day

Executive women of St. Pete: Focused, fierce and forward-bound

Welcome to St. Petersburg, Florida: home of the badass businesswoman. She’s not the official city symbol (that honor goes to the brown pelican), but perhaps she should be. Studies continue to laud the area as a boon for female executive advancement. What makes St. Pete a place brimming with possibility for its lady leaders? According

Florida 500: Snapshots of influential Tampa Bay area women

The Tampa area is home to some of Florida’s most impactful business leaders. A select few make the annual Florida 500 list, which highlights influential executives among different economic sectors. These individuals are identified by Florida Trend magazine through extensive research. Below, select women who earned the most recent honor share advice and direction. Joy

Women of Influence: Dawn Hackney

Dawn Hackney is blazing a trail of hemp, and hope, as CEO and president of GreenTree Natural Wellness Center. Hers is a cannabis category crusade: helping people achieve wellness through third-party-tested products free of THC and pesticides. She describes ‘business as usual’ in her industry as a constant onslaught of regulatory mandates and a pervasive

Geoff Dyer is ‘Crunch’-ing business goals

By mid-April, top Crunch Fitness franchisee Geoff Dyer was, like millions of other people nationwide, pining for gym life. He could picture it: The walk through the Crunch Fitness doorway, into a room with the latest updated equipment, Tampa Bay members working out alongside each other. A community of sweat and support with no coronavirus

Profile: Patrick Richard, founder and CEO of Stoneweg US

Swiss citizen and St. Petersburg resident Patrick Richard likes to veer off the beaten path. He’s the founder and CEO of Stoneweg US, a real estate investment firm specializing in acquisitions and developments that serves as the American arm of Stoneweg SA, which also has offices in Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Andorra. Unlike many

Beacon Health Advocates: Concierge advocacy for cancer patients and caregivers

The pandemic presented unique challenges for those stricken with cancer. Medical resources are increasingly channeled toward those with COVID-19. Oncology patients can find themselves lost in the shuffle. Vital appointments may be rescheduled; treatments are being delayed. Quarantine protocols can make it difficult for the family to visit hospitalized loved ones. Throughout all these challenges,