Engaging in an empathetic exchange via email

You get them—business emails, some you want, some you don’t, some you subscribe to and some that are spamming you. And you write them—business emails, some that people want and some they don’t. What’s the secret to making yours most welcomed and read? Have empathy and care in how you craft your emails. Yes, empathy

For the love of good habits

While habits are not glamorous and are rarely highlighted, let alone celebrated, we are, at our core, a series of habits. We may think of habits as our personalities or “the way I am,” and yet habits are made, not born, and for this reason, with focus and discipline, you can make your habits what

Cheers to a New Year…and not all-new approaches

As another year arrives, it is often the time for resolutions, declarations, changes and so much more. While all of that is exciting, and forward-thinking, in some ways those grand propositions—or assumptions—can be discouraging and even disappointing. They can give the impression that change is meant to happen at a certain strike of the hour,

The art of the B2B interview

“You’re so lucky you run your own business. You get to do what you want when you want—your time is your own,” and “How do you coach people on interviewing when you haven’t had to interview in over 15 years, since you started your firm?” are odd, and frequent, comments I get … and perhaps

Getting past the gamification of feedback

Giving and receiving feedback can be a gift … if we allow that experience to be that. With steady rates of job changes, and seemingly surprising resignations in many offices, some are tempted to turn feedback into a game by only focusing on the positives of a team member, overlooking errors, miscommunications and missteps, and

How stopping ‘I’m Sorry’ and ‘I Can Help’ can start forgiveness, helpfulness

While many feel it is contributing, humble and useful to say “I’m sorry,” as well as “I can help you,” these statements can be distracting and even annoying, especially when you’re not at fault or when someone is not actually seeking help. How so? While there are occasions of regret and instances where help is

The art of reconnecting in-person

It’s wonderful we are all getting out and getting in touch with clients, buddies and others in, and around, the community, state and beyond, isn’t it? Those encounters might feel familiar and, yet, they are not the same as they were in the past. They are similar and there are differences in who we are

Why ‘no problem’ and ‘no worries’ are problematic and worrisome

When someone does something for us, or compliments an action, an idea or an accessory, we often say, “Thank you,” or “Thanks.” Sometimes we get a reply, and other times we do not. When we do get a reply, words matter, because conveying a thought with sincerity becomes connection. Keeping that in mind, it is

Welcome to moving forward (with some hesitation)

With many of us altering our work environments with fewer remote—and more in-person—conversations, meetings and engagements, such freedom can feel like a reprieve from being isolated, at times, and at other times can seem like a resurgence of everything intrusive, all at once, without a chance to steady oneself. When a change we have craved

Back to the office means making change moving forward

Hearing your office is reopening does not mean “back to work” or “business as usual,” if you have been working remotely. Joy may be felt by some. It is more likely many will have a sense of dread, trepidation or even anxiety. Even if there is some relief, and excitement, mixed in. What to do?

Kindness from the heart

Some kindness is a courtesy, such as holding the door for the next person to enter or exit. Some kindness is situational, like when someone asks you what you think of a look, or how they did presenting, and you offer something positive in response. And, some kindness is from the heart…genuine, almost guttural, and

‘Happy New Year’ is an attitude

While the ringing in at midnight to celebrate, and welcome, 2021 might have been something even more desired this year than ever before, there is always something about each New Year that holds promise, simply because of the turning of the calendar. Or does it? Is it that January 1 is magical? Is it that