Marketing through a pandemic: What has happened and what you should do

Just when everything was going so well, so right, the carpet was pulled from underneath us all.  Many of the clients my agency supports were having a record first quarter

Measuring Website Success Goes Beyond Search Engine Ranking

The quality of a website can make or break a business. When you invest in great design, strategic copy and a compelling user experience, you expect results – as you

Listen to Learn and Lead: A Discussion

A discussion between Tampa Bay African American leaders on how our leadership community can help with current racial tensions. Moderators: Bridgette Bello, CEO and Publisher, Tampa Bay Business and Wealth

5 questions to ask a web development company before hiring them

There are many of options for web development companies—local, specialized, brand new, experienced—and who you select as the agency for your website project will determine whether your launch is a

Turn off your smartphones … I’m talking relationship building

I’m joking. Don’t turn off your Smartphones … just put them aside long enough to read this. I began this article focused on how to build a strong relationship with

Develop an SEO strategy that supports company growth

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that is developed in alignment with your business goals can drive real and measurable impact for your company. SEO takes time to cultivate and

The four crucial elements of a website project plan

One of the most important steps of any website’s design and development is the website project plan. As daunting as it may seem, creating one will guide the process, keep

Should your profit come first?

Many small businesses that I’ve worked with over the last three decades had cash flow problems. They’re behind on their bills and late on their taxes. And on their end

How to become the master of time

We have all said, at some point in time, “I just don’t have enough time” or “I need eight days in a week!”  Not having enough time to fulfill all

Failure is an Option

Putting together a business plan, working on an idea, then seeing it all fail is certainly not easy to deal with, but it’s way more common than you may think.

Bluewater Media: Destination Creative Convergence

A trip through Bluewater Media’s 33,000-square-foot space in Clearwater is a travelogue on advertising’s hallowed ground. There’s the Billy Mays Memorial Studio which pays homage to the late legendary pitchman

Doublemint Sitting grows through reputation of quality care

Doublemint Sitting, a Tampa-based babysitting and referral service, was established in 2016 by Gabriela Rosello and Synthia Fairman, both 26 years old. Since then, the company has expanded into nine