Cyberattacks are Increasing: Don’t Ignore These Risks

By Kadian Douglas, prinicipal with CLA Tampa As cyberattacks become more frequent, and sophisticated, cybersecurity awareness is critical for organizations to help protect their assets and reputation. Be alert for cybercriminals looking to commit criminal activities by exploiting companies. Watch for social engineering and phishing attacks An organization’s most valuable assets are at risk: data

CLA announces career advancements in Tampa Bay

CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP) has announced career advancements for professionals across the country, including 18 in Tampa Bay. The individuals advancing in Tampa Bay include: Steve Spenceley, director, business operations Ashlyn VanDenDriessche, manager, manufacturing and distribution Brent Mikkleson, manager, real estate Harry Moses, manager, construction Mark Murphy, director, federal tax strategies Tyler Hernandez, director, state and

CLA launches national high school internship program for summer

CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP), the eighth largest accounting firm in the United States, based in Tampa, has launched its high school internship program for the summer. The program has 60 students, in 15 of CLA’s offices, in the U.S. This first-of-its-kind program was created to provide students with experience in accounting and professional services and to

Estate planning with a business in mind

By Brian Carter, CPA, Mauldin & Jenkins A family business can be a wonderful asset that not only supports multiple family members but also helps keep the various generations connected. Unfortunately, the same business can complicate estate administration and wreak financial, and emotional, havoc on heirs. To avoid that outcome, it is critical that business

Consider Opportunity Zones as part of a well-crafted tax plan

By Brian Duren, signing director  and Chris Dhanraj, managing principal of investments Since their introduction in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Qualified Opportunity Zones (OZ) have attracted attention as an important tool to help mitigate income tax liabilities. And, despite the headlines focusing on rising inflation, rising interest rates and possible rising

Year-end planning to leverage the time value of money

By Heather Williams, CPA/CFP and Patricia Entsminger, CPA/CFE/CIA As the year winds down and the rush of tax season is still several months away, now is the perfect time to schedule a strategy session with your CPA, and financial team, to discuss tax planning to help minimize the financial impact for you, your family and

Tampa accounting firm to add Concannon Miller team members, growing its presence in Tampa and Pennsylvania

CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP), the eighth largest accounting firm in the United States, announced that Concannon Miller team members will join CLA on November 1, increasing CLA’s Pennsylvania team to more than 330 people and its Florida team to more than 450 people, a statement said. “We take our client’s needs to heart and commit to

CLA goes global

This summer, CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen) the eighth largest accounting firm in the United States, which has a presence in Tampa, announced that, together with Evelyn Partners, a wealth management services group in the United Kingdom, formed a new organization, CLA Global Limited (CLA Global). Together, CLA Global network firms CLA and Evelyn Partners, provide services to

The art of ownership transition

By Jeff Servais, principal, and David Laugtug, principal, CLA In the life of a business, ownership transition is inevitable. Whether selling to private equity or to the next generation of your family, someone else, at some point in time, will own your company. Most owners don’t realize how this process, often highly emotional, balances a

Understanding the Employee Retention Credit for Recovery Start-Up Businesses

By Dawn Morgan, CPA and Kathleen Martin, CPA Many entrepreneurs in Tampa Bay entered 2020 with new business ventures in motion or expansions of existing business—opening new locations, new entities or a combination of the two. Despite hits from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tampa Bay area saw a trending increase in new business applications, according

Accounting firm Dixon Hughes Goodman announces major merger

Dixon Hughes Goodman, an accounting firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina but with a presence in Tampa Bay, has announced it will merge with BKD CPAs & Advisors. The merger of the two firms creates a national top-ten firm that will have a combined $1.4 billion in revenue, a statement said. Tom Watson, current chief

Your PPP loan has been forgiven — Now what?

By Jack Rybicki In 2020 and 2021, companies benefited from an unprecedented amount of federal and state support to help them weather the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) helped nearly 11.5 million companies through the issuance of over $792 billion in forgivable loans. Many PPP borrowers are now breathing