Vibrant stories of the Cuban experience (PHOTOS)

Brad Massey, curator of public history at the Tampa History Center, knows that it’s the objects that tell a story. The Center’s current exhibition, “Cuban Pathways,” showcases more than 130 different objects to reconstruct the diverse, vibrant stories of the many peoples who traveled the pathways between Cuba and Florida, spanning more than 500 years

Somewhere I Belong

Organizations must practice diversity, equity and inclusion to ensure people feel like they belong. Why? Because business depends on it. Let’s say you’re an established, well-known, organization in the Tampa Bay area with 100-plus full-time employees and 600-plus part-time employees. For years you’ve been all hands on deck, building, and growing, to become the best.

Empathy and how to practice it

There’s that word again: empathy. It’s buzzing this year. Forbes named it the No. 1 skillset to shift in 2021. “Empathy is connecting to the emotions that underpin an experience, not necessarily having to connect to the experience itself.” — professor and author Brené Brown, Dare to Lead A friend of mine, in New York