The five Galati siblings, along with their children, are paving the way for Galati Yachts’ future

The Galati family relocated from Westchester, New York, to Hollywood, Florida, in the late 1960s.  The matriarch of the Galati family, Anna Maria, was pregnant with the youngest of her five children. Michael Galati, the patriarch of the family, didn’t want to raise his children in New York and had always loved being near the

Sail away for the day with Anchor Yacht Charters

Owning a boat, or a yacht, can be a daunting task. It’s often said, in jest, that it’s “better to have a friend with a boat.” Anchor Yachts Charters can be that friend. Pack your day bag, show up and enjoy. Anchor makes it that easy. Food and beverages are already loaded, and ready for

The Good Life: Buzz Pop Cocktails, Anchor Yachts and more

Popsicles for Adults Buzz Pop Cocktails are alcoholic sorbets that might be called “adult push-pops.” They feature seasonal fruit whipped into an Italian sorbet with 10 percent premium liquors. Packed in a ready-to-serve retro-style container, they are under 100 calories, fat free, gluten free, vegan and certified Kosher.The products are sold locally at Datz in