20 Questions With…Shane Smith

Director, Central Florida Operations Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship

Shane Smith, the director of Central Florida operations for the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship in Florida State University’s College of Business, is charged with building operations, which is in Tampa, from the ground up—ensuring it advances the Jim Moran Institute’s mission to cultivate, train and inspire entrepreneurial leaders.

His professional background includes 15 years of marketing leadership in small businesses, as well as teaching marketing and sales at Kennesaw State University, University of Tampa and the University of South Florida.

Smith is also an entrepreneur with a professional sales consulting firm and an online sales program that help new entrepreneurs find success. While in Tampa, Smith’s small business and teaching experience led to him becoming well-connected with the entrepreneurial community in Central Florida.

1. College alma mater? Auburn University (bachelor of science in marketing), University of South Florida (master of business administration), University of South Carolina (doctorate in business administration, marketing).

2. Last TV show you binge watched? Wu-Tang: An American Saga. (Ol’ Dirty Bastard in the house!)

3. Favorite place for a business meeting? Anywhere but Zoom.

4. iPhone or Android? Android.

5. What did you eat for lunch today? Homemade chicken soup.

6. We’ll find you on the weekend doing? New empty-nester. Hiking, biking or kayaking.

7. What movie terrified you as a child? Monkey Shines and Wizard of Oz. Can you find the theme?

8. Proudest moment? Crossing the stage to receive my Ph.D., in front of my children.

9. Dream dinner companion? My lovely wife.

10. Any pets? A corgi named a Lil’ Cim and an unidentified rescue dog named Pezz.

11. Best concert you’ve ever seen live? Anything at the Amphitheater. We just love to people watch.

12. What is your cellphone wallpaper image? Inside curl of an ocean wave.

13. Most famous person you’ve ever met? I don’t know. Apparently, I’m not famous enough.

14. What is your go-to drink order? Cuba libre.

15. Favorite candy? Rolos.

16. Last thing you ordered from Amazon? Likely something for my daughter’s college dorm room.

17. Pool or beach? Either, as long as I am in the water.

18. Charity you support? Florida Wildlife Corridor.

19. Favorite childhood memory? Playing in the woods.

20. Words of advice? Entrepreneurship is your future. Just get started. 

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