Letter from the Publisher: ‘Fall’ in Florida

Floridians know that there are few chances to wear our boots and scarves.

Autumn is here which means pumpkin latte’s, and that’s about the extent of it  for Tampa Bay, at least for most days.

We Floridians know that there are few chances to wear our boots and scarves, until closer to the holidays. But that doesn’t change our desire to dress for work, and fun, like it’s fall.

That’s why Tampa Bay Business & Wealth is featuring a story in this issue about men’s fall fashion, and how to look snazzy, even when you’re expected to wear a sport coat and pants, and sweat.

Another fun feature this month is looking at the kickoff of the fall iteration of the Saturday Morning Market in St. Petersburg. Capitalism at its finest, and great stories of growing businesses, and giving back.

Since it is October, I would be remiss if I didn’t take an opportunity to write about something a little bit closer to my heart, quite literally. October is Breast Cancer awareness month, and it’s more than just pink ribbons and pink footballs, it’s about prevention and finding a cure.

Many of you know my story, thanks to my daughter posting it on Facebook – but for those of you who don’t know, I am a survivor. My journey started last June when I was diagnosed with stage 1, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC). Thanks to great care at Morton Plant Hospital, and Florida Cancer Specialists, I am one-year cancer free. The message I hope you’ll carry with you this month, and always, is get your mammograms. There’s just no excuse not to. I’m talking to you. The women AND men reading this, breast cancer isn’t just for ladies.

My journey was short, because of early detection – had I not been so diligent, it could have ended very differently.

Get your mammograms.

In addition to the many monthly features that I know you’re already falling in love with, this month you’ll see coverage of our very first CEO Connect event. These events will be held monthly, and whenever possible, will be with the subject of that month’s cover story. That’s not the case here, because we didn’t have a launch issue yet. I know you’ll enjoy reading about Dave Pizzo, market president for Florida Blue, and his take on the health care trends of today.

Moving forward, I hope you’ll be one of our partners, advertisers or sponsors, so that you can attend – for free – and meet Jeff Gigante, and other TBBW cover stars, in person. In the November issue, you’ll see coverage of Punit Shah’s event, and those lucky enough to be there for his fireside chat. 

Enjoy the ghosts and goblins likely to roam the halls of your offices and streets of your neighborhoods this month. Maybe you’re hosting, or attending, an exclusive Halloween party? TBBW will be posting pictures socially and on our newly launched website, www.TBBWMag.com, celebrating the best costumes – be they office related -or not. Give your engaged team, or party goer’s, the recognition they deserve for their effort by sharing those fun photos with us, so we can share them with Tampa Bay.      

And finally, this community has been amazing and once again, I have to thank you. With issue No. 2 in your hands, the TBBW team has been blessed with so much support and incredible reception. Soon, we will begin assembling our Editorial Advisory Board, and using their input to make certain we are delivering great content to you month after month. If you’re interested in being part of that exclusive board, please reach out to me directly at [email protected]

Until next month …

With pleasure,

Bridgette Bello

CEO and Publisher, TBBW

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