Less work. More done. The No. 1 question you can ask to prevent burnout.

If you’re feeling burnt out, apathetic or exhausted, you’re not alone. In varying ways, we are all navigating the pandemic flux, this latest wave of worldwide uncertainty. This state of

Somewhere I Belong

Organizations must practice diversity, equity and inclusion to ensure people feel like they belong. Why? Because business depends on it. Let’s say you’re an established, well-known, organization in the Tampa

Prepare for hybrid work now

We are finally starting to see COVID-19 vaccines being distributed, and they will soon be made available to the general public. Best case scenario, these vaccines will accomplish what they’re

Empathy and how to practice it

There’s that word again: empathy. It’s buzzing this year. Forbes named it the No. 1 skillset to shift in 2021. “Empathy is connecting to the emotions that underpin an experience,

2020: Something to be grateful for

Everyone keeps telling us we’re grieving about the way life used to be but there’s much more to 2020 than grief. Of course, this year brought uncertainty, fear and inconvenience, but

Make The First Move

In the 1990s, my father retired from the Army and found a “fun job” in Game Day Operations for an ECHL (formerly the East Coast Hockey League) team in Augusta,