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Three things your company should do in response to landmark Supreme Court ruling on LGBTQ employees’ rights

Last week the Federal Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling affirming that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects gay, lesbian and transgender employees from discrimination in the workplace. The ruling was 6-3 and protects employees of covered employers, which includes most private employers throughout the U.S., with at least 15 employees.

How a strong company culture benefits your bottom line

Strong company culture isn’t just about equipping the breakroom with fancy coffee makers, crushed-ice machines and theater-worthy TV screens. While it may very well include those, and other things that give your employees the warm fuzzies, it’s bigger than that. In oversimplified terms, culture is the way your organization behaves – how you treat your

HR strategies for a strong company culture in any industry

A company’s culture stems from its values and mindset, as well as that of its employees. As a business leader, it’s important to ensure that the perks and benefits you offer your employees support these values. That doesn’t mean you should add indoor slides or sleep pods. However, more and more companies are doing things

The top three mistakes made when recruiting and hiring

In working with thousands of business owners over the past three decades, I routinely hear of their recruitment and retention woes. Since there is a right and wrong way to do anything, I’d like to address the three biggest ‘wrong ways’ a hiring process can be done.   TOO MANY INTERVIEWS. This is a bigger

The business case for the fractional CFO

As a firm dedicated to meeting the short and long-term needs of our Accounting & Finance clients, one of the common asks we get from growing, entrepreneurial companies is to provide them with high caliber CFO talent. For those who haven’t yet sampled the “secret sauce” that has been a critical success factor for so

The Art and Science of Leadership Team Building

True success cannot be achieved alone.  Great leaders recognize the importance of building highly effective teams that better position the organization to achieve the results they desire.  Powerful teams develop a synergy where the output of the group far surpasses the capability of each individual.  An effective leadership team is critical because it sets the

Minneapolis company to acquire BlueLine Associates in Tampa

Tampa consulting company BlueLine Associates has announced big growth through a merger with ThreeBridge Solutions, an IT consulting company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “This is a very exciting day for our organization, and I am beyond thrilled to combine our collective expertise. It’s a rare thing to have two organizations so similarly aligned in our corporate

Letter from the publisher: The holidays are upon us

The theme of this month for Tampa Bay Business & Wealth, and the rest of our country, is gratitude.  We are thankful!  Thankful for you, for this great community we get to live and work in and blessed to have amazing friends and family rallying with us on a daily basis.  The cards, letters, calls,

Here’s how to fuel your company’s success online

What’s the first thing potential clients do after they hear about your company? They look you up online, of course. These search results may help them decide if they want to do business with you, so make sure they see that your company does high-quality work, provides an excellent workplace environment, and stays on top

Closing the year strong with less stress

As the holidays approach and year-end is almost upon us, many companies and individuals are preparing for that “final sales push” to reach their annual sales goals. It can be a time of considerable stress on sales teams and managers who are trying to reach the highest possible numbers and reap the benefits for themselves

Seven Signs It’s Time to Invest In Your Company’s Leadership

Most business owners and executives know that strong leadership is vital to a thriving, progressing company. The obstacle is knowing whether or not your company has strong, motivating leaders. Are your leaders respected? Do they recognize talent? Can they see the big picture? The answers to these questions are key indicators to your company’s long-term

How Top-Performing CEOs Stand Out

The stereotypical CEO is characterized as a charming, tall, white man educated from a top university, a strategic visionary on a vertical career trajectory with the ability to make perfect decisions under pressure. How many such people do you know? None, I bet. Today’s business world is faster, smarter and, in many ways, younger than