Twos app changes what it means to ‘write things down’ 

The Twos app was designed to revolutionize the way people write things down, an almost innate human practice. 

Parker Klein and Joe Steilberg, the Twos app’s creators, believe that there is much room for improvement and, in today’s digital age, they have a strong point. The Twos app’s platform not only makes writing things down more convenient but more enjoyable, they say.

Twos is Klein’s brainchild and has been in development for nearly a decade. Klein began to develop the application while in college and continued to work on it during his tenure at Google. “It was a personal passion project,” says Klein.

While designing Twos, Klein envisioned a better solution for “writing things down.” He saw there could be a more effective way. More so, he recognized that writing things down is equally a private and social task. Information is an asset meant to be shared.

What if an application could be developed that lets users be in complete control tracking their thoughts but still maintain privacy when needed, share things with specific people or even share information with the world? This is exactly what Twos lets users do and it is free of charge.

Twos syncs between mobile and desktop applications. Individuals can also access Twos through a Chrome extension. Copying and pasting information from notes applications is no longer necessary to share information with family, friends or strangers. Users can share lists, reminders, calendar events or to-dos straight from the Twos app.

According to Klein and Steilberg, it is not really a notes application. It’s a place to write down anything, with the ability to keep certain things to oneself or share them.

As an example, there have always been those times when people wish they could remember names or dates. With Twos, individuals have quick access to important tidbits of information with an easy search. This kind of information is personal in nature and can stay secure on the Twos app.

What if an individual wrote down a treasured family recipe? With Twos, the individual could share the recipe with select family members or close friends. More so, if the individual feels inclined, the recipe could be shared with people around the world.

Twos World is the next phase of Twos. People can share valuable information with others and monetize that information. The app’s founders envision a platform where people can sell information in an all-in-one marketplace. From recipes to history articles, to detailed travel guides, Twos World will give individuals across the globe access to coveted information.

 “The Twos app is ready to be used, and enjoyed, and we will only continue to improve it,” Klein says.

“Writing things down” has a whole new meaning and that is exactly what Klein and Steilberg hoped to accomplish. 

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