Paul Anderson: President and CEO of Port Tampa Bay

During Paul Anderson’s tenure, Port Tampa Bay has acquired two new container gantry cranes, which bolster the Port’s capacity for handling larger container vessels.

He directs annual safety drills and exercises, motivated by his deep commitment to port security and hurricane resiliency.

He joined Port Tampa Bay as president and CEO in December 2012 after holding a series of high-profile leadership positions in public and private sectors. He was previously the CEO at the Jacksonville Port Authority.



College alma mater?
THE University of Florida (emphasis on THE!)


Last book you read?
“Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates” by Brian Kilmeade & Dan Yeager


Last place you vacationed?
The Florida Keys


PC or Mac?
Both, but I prefer the ease of a Mac.


Guilty-pleasure food?
Bacon cheeseburger


We’ll find you on the weekend doing?
Soccer, fishing, movies, anything involving my boys


Biggest fear?
Not being the best dad, I can possibly be


Proudest moment?
I have many, truly – watching my kids do new things for the first time.


Dream dinner companion?
Anytime I can have dinner with my parents is a blessing.  If I could have dinner with Jim Moran again – many of your readers know he would fit nicely in this magazine and is one class act.


Any pets?
No, kids are enough.


Who did you last text?
My sister


What is your cellphone wallpaper image?
The kids, of course!


What do you listen to in the car?
Tom Petty


What is your go-to drink order?
On the clock, or off?


Favorite candy?
Toffee to Go


Do you suffer from Primesia*?
*blank stare


Pool or beach?


Charity you support?
Several, but very committed to Leukemia Lymphoma Society here locally.


Favorite childhood memory?
Surfing with friends in California. Playing quarterback with my friends on the team in high school – a handful of whom I remain in touch.


Words of advice?
Whatever you do, just do it well. Be humble about what you do, be a good and honest person. You’ll always come out ahead.

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