Reboot your business & life

There are so many radical changes taking place all around us that we might as well make some radical changes of our own, to guarantee that by the time we come out of the quarantine our business, our career and our personal life reflect how we want to live, not how we got used to living.


The old way of life will be permanently changed as we come out of the quarantine, so living like you did in the past will only create more obstacles and heartaches in the future. On the flip side, you can anticipate what the brave new world will look like and position yourself to prosper in that environment. Adopting to the virtual way of working, and living, identifying new efficiencies and becoming clear on what is truly important to you as a human being puts you in the perfect position to start making permanent changes.

What new skills can you learn, new perspective and daily routines can you adopt that will put you ahead of the curve?  

Looking back at my life, the most profound changes came in swiftly and unexpectedly. My parents decided to move our family from Russia to the U.S. for safety reasons. We had 18-hour notice before getting on the plane for the U.S., due to last-minute visa delays. I did not speak English at the time, nor did I understand that life, as I knew it, would never return. Within months, I acclimated to the new environment, made friends, learned to enjoy my new life and speak a new language. As a U.S. citizen, I had the opportunity to start multiple businesses, work and travel to different parts of the world and live my life on my terms.   


It is critical to go through your life, work, relationships and health to declutter old habits, routines and behaviors that no longer support you. This process will create time and energy for things that are truly important to you now. Applying this process to your work, and life, will give you back incredible amounts of time and energy; making decisions will become a breeze and you will move toward your goals with confidence, and speed, you have never experienced.

What areas of your life can use a good decluttering, at this point? What’s hiding in your “junk drawer” that you have been avoiding and neglecting?

A successful, and highly analytical, business owner came to me for help, he was not happy with his life and for years could not figure out how to fix it on his own. While going through a decluttering exercise, we identified toxic assets, and relationships, that were draining his financial resources and constantly demanded his attention. Once he became aware of this dynamic he rebalanced his portfolio, preserving his capital, eliminating the time drain and reducing the stress of emotional discussions with business partners. His mood changed, he was able to sleep through the night and had enough energy to start a daily workout regiment. 

Get Support

Most important, realize that you have the power to live the life you want and not settle for what you have. All it takes is a shift in your mindset, a new set of habits and proper support. If you recall any significant change in your life, there was always someone there. Support comes in many different forms: friend, mentor, coach, trainer, support group or mastermind, cleaning service to take care of your home, grocery delivery service to save you time, external childcare, to name a few. The options are limitless and you may need several people to shepherd you through this journey and provide accountability. Just be honest with yourself and allow for the support that you need.

What kind of support do you need, now, to complete your reboot for the future?

A client came to me expressing concern over a relationship with a senior partner that he felt helpless to change on his own. He was brought in as a part of a succession plan, however, the senior partner made no plans to transition the operations responsibilities or set the date for his exit. Meanwhile, my client felt stuck in the business that was moving in the wrong direction. With support he was able to face reality, and process the next steps, creating an opportunity for himself to open a new business and establish a culture that aligned with his values. Throughout this transition he felt supported, and prepared, having someone on his side.

Don’t waste this time to address the malfunctioning parts of your business and life. Start taking small steps, every single day, and set yourself up to enjoy rich relationships, a meaningful career and enjoy living every day at your full potential. ♦

Vera Anderson is a dynamic legacy coach who focuses on sustainable growth for her clients. An entrepreneur and mentor with a private equity background and global resources, she provides customized guidance to fund managers, C-level executives and family office principals striving to reach their full potential in business, and life, helping them create an intentional legacy. She is a co-host of by-invitation-only interactive workshops on legacy creation, family office dynamics and topics critical to leadership development. Contact her at [email protected] or schedule an introductory call at or

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