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Bridge Angels

Bridge Angels is a new feature in Tampa Bay Business & Wealth highlighting individuals and their small or startup businesses in the Tampa Bay area.

While we cannot endorse or recommend any company, we highlight these as a service to our readers and to these businesses that might need your support but might otherwise go unnoticed. We hope you enjoy learning more about these local leaders and their innovative businesses. 

Tami Fitzpatrick

CEO, Entropy Technology Design

Tami Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick is founder and CEO of Entropy Technology Design based in Tampa. With over a decade of experience in manufacturing,  global sales and marketing of weather detection products to over 22 countries worldwide, Fitzpatrick’s professional background includes 25 years’ experience in small corporate management, public relations, international trade, with expertise in advanced technology development and product conceptualization. As an active community member and speaker, Fitzpatrick was appointed by the Florida House of Representatives to serve as vice-chair for the Florida SBDC State Advisory Board and also served on the Florida Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors and as their Small Business Council Chair.

You can reach Tami at [email protected] or 813-358-2468

About Entropy Technology Design

Entropy is a state certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) established to develop NIMBUSTM threat detection technology. Beginning in 2015, Fitzpatrick raised $1 million and formed a team of engineers, (many from MIT) to develop Entropy’s proprietary, patent pending smart sensors and software platform. NIMBUSTM creates untapped data fields to provide advance warning and protection against severe weather, tornadoes and earthquakes, invasive drones and drone navigation, infrastructure mapping, and other security and public safety threat warning.

Art Fyvolent

Chief marketing officer, Hyperponic

Art Fyvolent

Fyvolent is a shareholder, member of the Board of Directors and chief marketing officer of Hyperponic, a company developed by his brother Doug. His primary role is developing and maintaining all traditional and digital communications with customers and investors. He has been a local entrepreneur for more than three decades, focusing primarily on Internet businesses.

His clients have included Microsoft, Oracle, NCR, Lexmark, Jabil Circuit, Florida Progress and Florida Power.

You can reach Art at [email protected] or 813-230-3018

About Hyperponic

Hyperponic has developed a new, fully integrated, virtually automated vertical crop growing system, including a technology hub and proprietary software that monitors and manages every aspect of the grow in real-time. Hyperponic is able to grow legal cannabis and industrial hemp that is free from heavy metals, insects and pesticides. Hyperponic has been in operation for almost six years, investing $1 million in R & D, testing, and enhancing the systems to integrate the latest technologies. They have filed three patents, with additional filings coming in 2019.

You can find more information:

Patty Soltis

Patty Soltis

CEO & founder, STYLEdge

Soltis is an image consultant with more than 30 years of experience working with thousands of professionals on their timeless image over decades of change.  Prior to running her own business, she worked in the retail/fashion industry as a vice president/general manager for Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor and Marshall Fields.

She has been featured on multiple television, radio and podcast shows, in print and online as well as a keynote speaker on the international stage.  She is the author of the book, “First Impressions Last,” a guide for the professional woman to exude confidence, power and skill with her attire.

You can reach Patty at (813) 362-9061 or [email protected]

About STYLEdge

STYLEdge is an image consulting company that works with professionals to match their image with a brand of power, success and results to increase productivity, performance, profitability and their paycheck.  Their goal is to be the leader and resource for professionals to understand their image and the affect that it has on the bottom line.

Patty’s Five Modes of Professional Attire give the professional the knowledge to start the journey to competence, power and success.  You can find more information:

Michael Higdon

Founder & CEO, Profferfish

Michael Higdon

Higdon’s prior experiences include the launch of a sports marketing business in Chicago, owner and operator of a chain of health clubs and founder of a nonprofit for foster children in Atlanta.

Woven into his more than 30 years as a consultant and business development professional, his passion for serving and working with students is evident in time spent as a youth minister and a variety of roles leading and serving in his community.

Michael can be reached at [email protected] or 770-500-7498

About Profferfish

Profferfish redefines student community service through a customized cloud-based application that seamlessly aggregates students, counselors, administrators, non-profits and entire communities into a “Community Service Ecosystem.”

The model, and team, is based on two years of research, focus groups and time spent with students, academic leaders and nonprofits throughout Florida.

Profferfish saves schools a significant resources and funds by empowering students to discover and serve, Profferfish saves student clubs, boosters, and nonprofits tens of millions annually through unique and low-cost marketing and fund-raising resources that facilitate and drive service learning. 

You can find more information:

Eve J. Barrett

CEO and founder, Expedite Legal

Eve J. Barrett

Barrett is CEO and founder of Expedite, a platform that connects attorneys with court reporters and other legal services providers on demand. She also created Scoof, a companion app that allows court reporters, scopists, and proofreaders to meet up, team up and produce perfect transcripts. 

Prior  to Expedite, Barrett founded Barrett Court Reporting, a boutique court reporting firm located in Tampa, where she grew an elite clientele list. She received her court reporting degree in 1999 from Tennessee Career College, Nashville. Upon graduation, she began her career working in the civil court division, as well as reporting various other aspects of litigation.

Eve can be reached at [email protected] or 727-580-1278

About Expedite Legal

Expedite is an easy-to-use on-demand platform  that allows attorneys and paralegals to hail immediate legal support services; i.e., court reporters, videographers and interpreters.

Every year, over 600,000 legal proceedings are delayed or rescheduled due to the antiquated process of securing legal support services. Expedite, the fastest growing platform in the legal industry, addresses the inefficiencies in this $2.3 billion market by removing these barriers and allowing legal teams to book the closest provider with the highest rating, often finding the right resources within seconds. We have ‘Uberized’ legal support services.

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