PSCU’s top executive works to maintain a family culture during trying times

PSCU’s CEO and President, Charles “Chuck” Fagan, was a boomerang employee.

He left PSCU in 2012 and returned in 2015, with employees cheering when they heard the news, according to Brian Kosoy, vice president of corporate communications for PSCU.

Chuck Fagan in the early years.

“He’s a very humble guy and big on promoting a family culture,” he says.

When Fagan returned to PSCU, he began laying the groundwork for the business to be more involved in the community in Tampa Bay.

“It was amazing,” he says. “The first day walking through the door there was a banner that said, ‘Welcome home Chuck. I still have that banner today.”

David Serlo, founder and longtime president and CEO of PSCU, passed away in 2010 but left a structure in place at the company that resonates today.

“Dave Serlo always said, ‘Our employees are our greatest assets,” Fagan says.

Fagan was a solid choice to bring back to PSCU. He possesses that same sentiment.

“You felt that being a part of the team,” Fagan says. “Whenever you have leadership changes there are going to be differences but that one aspect of being able to pull people together remains, even more now this year dealing with COVID.”

PSCU took action during the early stages of COVID to assure employees that PSCU had their back at a time where they needed it the most.

“If the employees know that their company is behind them, it brings comfort,” Fagan says. “Employees are front and center in every decision we make.”

PSCU took the initiative to order extra rolls of toilet paper, for example, so that employees could drive by company locations and pick them up from a safe distance.

The company also put together a plan called Return to Business 2.0, which outlines all the necessary changes that are being made so that employees can safely return to work.

“That way our employee knows what to expect,” Fagan says. “There will be dividers in workstations, changes made to meeting rooms and touchless entry pads installed for the bathrooms.”

It’s a lot of communication, but Fagan doesn’t seem to mind. He’s a hands-on leader that wants his workforce to know he has their best interests top of mind.

“We’re having a phenomenal year, so we gave every employee a $500 bonus to acknowledge their hard work during these times and help those that may need it,” he says.

Chuck Fagan with his family.

While Fagan’s plate is full leading the large organization, with more than 2,000 employees and $500 million in revenue, he maintains a commitment and passion for CEOs Against Cancer.

“In 2003, my youngest sister’s newborn died of pediatric cancer. I did the eulogy, and it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do,” Fagan recalls. “Recently, my mother went through breast cancer. It touches everyone.”

PSCU was going to be a host sponsor for Relay For Life before COVID hit. Now, with that canceled, he says it’s now more important than ever to keep the conversation going and encourages those that can support financially, to do it, as donations are down across the board this year thanks to the pandemic.

“Cancer hasn’t slowed down. Research and development are still needed,” he says.

Right now, Fagan’s main focus is on his team and preparing to come out of the crisis stronger and ready for growth.

“I want to accelerate through COVID so that when we come out of this, we continue our path forward,” he says.

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