Planning holiday celebrations during the pandemic

This time last year, our calendars were filled to capacity with holiday parties and year-end celebrations, but things are quite different in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a difficult year for companies, and employees, and it’s important to keep company morale, give back and celebrate a job well done at the end of the year. Here are three unique ways to plan a fun, and safe, holiday celebration for your company, or clients during this unprecedented time.

Charity scavenger hunt: Break employees into small teams and have them go around town shopping for gifts and food to give to families in need. Include timed challenges and clues with the way for a fun competition among the team. It’s a unique way for employees to work together, all while giving back, during the holiday season.

Virtual talent show: Set up a virtual talent show where employees can show off their talents, and even involve their families. Work with a local catering company to deliver food, and wine, in advance so everyone can enjoy a great meal, or snacks, and cheers together while participating in the talent show.

Drive-In or drive-through event:

This year has brought back the classic drive-in movie experience and we’re here for it. Families can pull up to your outdoor cinema and enjoy a movie from the comforts of their car. No movie is complete without popcorn and candy, so consider a grab-and-go gourmet popcorn cart, and a candy bar, for your guests. For a drive-through experience, set up a destination to greet people as they drive through and personally deliver them a holiday gift or treat. It’s a great way to let your clients, or employees, know that they are appreciated and it’s a chance to see them, briefly, in-person.

It might look a little different, but we are all ready for some fun and cheer. Get creative, celebrate and still practice your social distancing like a champ.

Alyssa Rhoads is the owner of Eventing Tampa Bay, which can help you plan and manage celebrations. Call 813.992.5120.

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