Florida ranks no. 8 on Shopify’s Entrepreneurship Index

Shopify, an e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, partnered with Deloitte to leverage its data and network to create the Shopify Entrepreneurship Index, a dataset that measures entrepreneurship.

According to the Shopify Entrepreneurship Index findings, Florida ranks no. 8 in the country—when measuring the economic impact of entrepreneurs according to gross domestic product impact, job growth, business activity and exports, according to a statement.

Specific Florida findings include:

•          Florida saw growth year-over-year (2021 and 2022) of 9.5% in total jobs, 9.6% in GDP impact, and 9.5% in business activity but -3.3% in export growth.

•          Florida is a juggernaut for entrepreneurial success. While California leads the United States in direct jobs created (134,024), total jobs supported (235,237), GDP contributions ($26.6 billion), and global exports ($2.5 billion), New York (outside the top 10 overall), and Florida follows in second and third.

Here’s how Florida stacks up against other states:

Top 10 U.S. States:

1.         Delaware

2.         Wyoming

3.         California

4.         Montana

5.         Utah

6.         Nevada

7.         Alabama

8.         Florida

9.         Idaho

10.       Hawaii

Note: New York ranked no. 12 and Texas ranked no. 26 You can find more information here: https://news.shopify.com/index-beta

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