Music City revisited

In early October 2021, Ketch Secor looked out across the sold-out crowd at the Grand Ole Opry and launched into his best Roy Acuff impression. Mimicking the fabled “King of Country Music” and Grand Ole Opry empresario, Secor lowered his voice to a gravely baritone and bellowed Acuff’s advice, dutifully observed by every performer who’s

Summertime holidays are easy and close by at Hilton Head Island

Some say it’s South Carolina’s Lowcountry sultry, salt air and hazy sun-filled afternoons that captivate holiday goers. Others claim the magic of indigenous Gullah cultural and culinary charms as a primary draw for visitors. Still, others point to an almost endless string of sporting pursuits from kayaking, fishing and sailing to golf, tennis and cycling

Ashford Castle’s Irish eyes create special family escape

When Ireland’s westernmost shores of the Wild Atlantic Way call with their siren song, extraordinary family vacations are explicit in their promise. Adventure greets families head on here, especially when hosted by County Mayo’s majestic Ashford Castle, a splendid estate catering to lords, ladies, lads and lassies for centuries. The Castle captures the fancy of

Shumaker Advisors talks about leading in a crisis

Navigating the coronavirus’ challenges underscores the importance of quality information, guidance and direction in making responsible and effective business decisions. A strong ethos of community service enables Shumaker Advisors Florida to deliver on all these elements, demonstrating how strong government and business relationships facilitate solving complex problems. “In every crisis or emergency, there’s opportunity,” says