The three deadly sins in hiring salespeople

“Why don’t I have any success hiring salespeople?” This is one of the most popular questions I get asked. In my experience, there are very few rules that work for

Greta Schulz
Get real. What defines you, really?

How would the people in your life describe you and what drives you? How would your colleagues at work and clients describe working with you? How consistent are the answers?

Is social media killing our sales skills?

Recently, I spoke to an organization that spent an ungodly amount of time, energy and money on social media to create lead generation. I asked, “Now what? How’s your closing

Greta Schulz
It’s Tough to Get Honest Information at The Top

I recently spent time at a corporation where the CEO had spent millions of dollars on a project, and some of the senior managers believed from the start that it

Scott Edinger