Feeding Tampa Bay is seeking support from community for Hub of Opportunity

Feeding Tampa Bay is close to reaching its fundraising goal for a new project call the Hub of Opportunity.

“As Feeding Tampa Bay works to end hunger in our region, with more meals to our food insecure neighbors, now adding benefits-assistance and job training to bring families to true personal sustainability, a new facility is required – a hub of opportunity,” said Kelley Sims, chief development officer for Feeding Tampa Bay. “We are now in the final stretch of gathering support to make this dream a reality and we ask those who share our vision to become a part of this project, which will change the lives of those in need for generations to come.”

With rising building costs, Feeding Tampa Bay is in the home stretch with the last $4 million needed to fund the total $58 million dollar project, Sims added.

The Hub of Opportunity will connect those in need to vital services, training and education. Feeding Tampa Bay says it has about 10 percent to go to meeting the goal for the Hub.

“This final stretch calls for us to reach further – ask for support from those we believe will step in and step up to our challenge,” said Colleen ChappelI, chief executive officer of ChappellRoberts, and a board member of Feeding Tampa Bay. “I’m honored to serve on the Feeding Tampa Bay Board of Directors, which is diligently working to close the gap in our final fundraising effort. Your support could make a difference in the lives of our neighbors as well as future generations.”

The new Hub of Opportunity will provide:

  • 50% More Ending Hunger Space
  • 2X More Fresh Produce
  • 25% Reduction in Cost Per Meal
  • 75 Million More Meals
  • 70% More Volunteer Capacity


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