Jacqueline Darna is ready to take her latest startup mainstream

Physician Jacqueline Darna checks a lot of boxes in the game of life. She’s a woman, Hispanic, a health care professional, an entrepreneur, intelligent yet a lot of fun, a

Shilen Patel’s vision of community building is the foundation of his business and his life

Shilen Patel admits his story is just a portion of the larger story of his family and what they have built, since arriving in the United States. He was born

Shilen Patel
The Long Game: Danny Persaud’s persistence, and patience, pays off

It’s like the internet meme of where it started and where it ended up. Danny Persaud had dreams of attending Florida State University but he didn’t have a way to

Joy Gendusa against the world

Joy Gendusa says she was a ‘ne’er-do-well’ young person. This self-deprecating style of humor couldn’t be more genuine, or endearing, than it is coming from her. With her perseverance, and

Nipesh Shah has ambitions of creating a better world through humility and vigor

Photos by Michael McCoy This is a story of a little boy who was born to a large family in India and had large ambitions for success. After seizing any,

How Scott Fink became the head of an auto empire in Tampa Bay

Scott Fink has come a long way, in a lot of ways. He was raised in the projects of Brooklyn, New York, and through what he calls “being opportunistic,” has

Blending health and wellness for a life worth living

One day, not too long ago, Erin Meagher was reading information about the benefits of coconut oil. Some of those benefits claimed it could help with brain and heart health,

It takes a village: The story of how Tony DiBenedetto’s evolution resulted in Think Big for Kids

Growing up, Tony DiBenedetto experienced firsthand what the common phrase “it takes a village” really means. At a young age, DiBenedetto found himself, essentially, caring for himself. When others his

From communications to community, the president of AC4S Technologies is making an impact

Hugh Campbell spent 10 years in active duty with the United States Army, but he’d never hurt a fly. What he did have was a unique ability to assist operations

Dugout Mugs hits a home run

Randall Thompson owes a lot of his major life moments to a baseball field. Born and raised in Orlando, Thompson grew up near a field, an intentional decision on his

All in the family: Tomlin St. Cyr Real Estate Services

Graduating from college during the Great Recession of the late 2000s was a daunting experience, indeed. It was hard for young graduates to be picky about their career offerings—there weren’t

Greg Celestan: A seasoned veteran, savvy businessman and seriously fun guy

Greg Celestan’s biography might be a tad intimidating, at first glance. A New Yorker, a graduate of West Point and a retired Army veteran leading U.S. and foreign military personnel. After