Exclusive: Jason Caras talks IT Authorities’ big acquisition

IT Authorities, a Tampa-based managed service provider and managed security service provider, recently announced that it has been acquired by WidePoint Corp. (NYSE American: WYY), a publicly-traded company that provides

To SMART or not to SMART is the question in 2021?

By Bill Heinz, vice president and co-owner, PBX-Change Is it realistic for consumers, be they business or residential, to expect that quality reliable Internet be available like other utilities? Is

Synapse Summit showcases the Sunshine State’s business ascendance

Like the rest of the country, Florida has had a challenging year. The state’s first coronavirus restrictions began more than a year ago. Companies, statewide, have had to adjust to

ELI Codes and the future of print advertising: Communicating with the future in advertising

James Stolze believes in the power of communication. He has spent years listening to the pulse of advertising, and marketing, and knows consumers want reliable information to guide their decisions,

A Bite of Success: The way Cordes Owen sees it, there’s always room for something sweet

The unusual name of his company reflects Cordes Owen’s positive growth mentality—if you’re having trouble slicing the pie, just bake more. As founder and CEO of Bake More Pies, Owen’s

Increase your return on investment by communicating through the cloud

By Bill Heinz, vice president and co-owner, PBX-Change Cloud communications technology has been a lifesaver for business during the Covid-19 pandemic. It has helped staff work remotely, stay connected to

Taking a careful approach to IT

In the world of small business information technology is important and the wrong choice can cost you big, in the long run. IT Managed Services Providers are a dime a

Fresh Thyme Market to adopt Tampa-based Touch-Less Aisle technology

Cornerstone Consulting, a Tampa-based software firm, says its ELI technology is getting embraced by grocers in a time when touching is considered taboo. “Technology has caught up to the concept

Fresh Thyme Market Tampa
How Steve Torres helped Vology establish a new set of core values—twice

When Steve Torres first joined Vology, in 2007, the struggling Clearwater-based IT firm had annual revenue of around $17 million. By the time Torres left Vology at the end of

ThreeBridge outlines security tips for your Zoom meetings

Within the past few weeks, unique working conditions have led to significant spikes in the usage of the Zoom platform. More than 200 million daily meeting participants have utilized Zoom

STEM bears fruits at Florida Polytechnic University

To motorists driving east on Interstate 4, from Tampa to Orlando, the looming white structure to the right of the road, somewhere in Lakeland, is an object of both admiration

Trio of working mothers redefines work-life balance at Tampa startup

Gina Curry doesn’t believe in work-life balance. “It just doesn’t exist, in my opinion,” she says. “I kind of live by the mantra [of] work-life integration. [That’s] how I [weave