20 Questions With … Julian Mackenzie

Get to know the president & CEO of MOSI

Julian Mackenzie is president and CEO of the Museum Of Science and Industry, or MOSI. He originally joined MOSI in October 2016 , as chief financial officer, after more than 30 years in a range of business leadership roles in the United States, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Italy.

Mackenzie has developed and led multiple business turnaround plans, restructuring efforts and rebranding campaigns within the fields of medical technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, insurance and finance.

Most recently, Mackenzie directed MOSI’s financial turnaround plan to refocus MOSI on its mission of science education, and reshape MOSI as a financially sustainable community asset. That plan, which received a unanimous vote of support from the Hillsborough County Commission, is exceeding expectations and enabling MOSI to significantly impact thousands of students in Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas.

1. College alma mater? University of Wales,  Cardiff (United Kingdom)

2. Last book you read? Supermac: The Life of Harold Macmillan” by D.R. Thorpe

3. Last place you vacationed? Smoky Mountains

4. PC or Mac? Mac

5. Guilty-pleasure food? Chocolate

6. We’ll find you on the weekend doing? Golf

7. Biggest fear? Losing a child

8. Proudest moment? Birth of my first child

9. Dream dinner companion? Winston Churchill

10. Any pets? Bentley, a chocolate labrador

11. Who did you last text? My Wife

12. What is your cellphone wallpaper image? The World

13. What do you listen to in the car? Genesis/Phil Collins

14. What is your go-to drink order? Chardonnay

15. Favorite candy? Toffee

16. Do you suffer from Primenesia (the act of ordering from Amazon and forgetting about it)? Yes

17. Pool or beach? Beach

18. Charity you support? MOSI

19. Favorite childhood memory? Traveling with My dad

20. Words of advice? Keep Calm. 

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