Welcome to 2023, a New Year

 A new year should always bring new things, innovative ideas, renewed commitments to success and a fresh attitude. 

If you have read my previous publisher’s notes (thank you); you know we’ve been alluding to the big things we, at Tampa Bay Business and Wealth, are bringing to you – our readers, and ecosystem – in the New Year.

We have been planning these things for a while but, like any other business decision, one must wait for the right time. Get the ducks in a row and then hit go!

Well guys we have them. They are quite beautiful in their little rows, too.

TBBW has spent the past year getting ours in order. Because we are growing and the market has requested certain things that only we can deliver.

In 2022, we partnered with Babcox Media, out of Akron, Ohio, we hired a new administrative assistant and she’s freeing up time for us to do what we do best and, we’re currently looking to fill a new multi-media sales position … all of this means more offerings and service for you!

In this issue, you will find we have added a Pasco County One Liners section (you’re welcome, Scott Fink and Allen Crumbley). That’s right! We’ve expanded our coverage area to a sixth county, officially. So, if you’re in Pasco, make sure you’re sending us your news – your announcements – your awards and your new hires and promotions.

And, as we announced in late November, we are bringing a brand-new signature event to you. Tampa Bay Business Women, another “TBBW” if you will! We arrived at the name after much consternation. We thought of Badass Women of the Year and Women Who Mean Business. We ran those by our brain trust and nothing seemed to really stick. Upon gazing at a pillow on the couch in our office, it hit us! Why WOULDN’T we build on our brand? TBBW lends itself, effortlessly, to Tampa Bay Business Women and so we went with it.

The TBBW team has been approached, repeatedly, to introduce a signature women’s award event and we knew, by mid-2022, it needed to be sooner rather than later. Why? Because the market has asked for it. You were asking for it.

TBBW has, consistently, worked to fill voids seen in the market and then, people started coming to us and asking us to fill a void they were seeing. And we try to never back down from an ask so, we said, we’re on it!

With over 100 nominations in 24 hours and almost 500 as I write, we’re confident it’s going to be an event this town will remember and look forward to every year. An award that will be coveted and seen as the highest award in the land. An event where women across industries will be named TBBWomen of the Year for their craft and an overall TBBWoman of the Year.

But we can’t do it without you!

Keep nominating those C-Suite rock stars. It is our priority that the finalists, and winners, represent the best of the best and are truly in a class of amazing, and inspiring, women that run successful companies, give back to their communities, mentor other women and wake up every day to make the world a better place.

Because ladies, we know who runs the world!

It’s a New Year, my friends, with many exciting things ahead. We’re going to do great things in business, make great connections and have great fun. We hope you continue to join us on the journey!

I will use the three-letter phrase I often share with my team when it’s go time … LFG!

Let’s freaking go friends!

Happy New Year, 


Bridgette Bello

CEO and Publisher 


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