Sunburst Yacht Charters provides a no-fuss day on the water, in style (PHOTOS)

Yacht life. It even sounds lovely, doesn’t it? 

It’s one of those experiences that once you have once, you will want to do it again and again. It’s hard to go back to a boat.

Some may say spoiled, I say, appreciating the finer things life has to offer. 

Sunburst Yacht Charters’ business banks on just that premise. As a member, one can experience the yachting experience as much as they would like, without the major investment of actually purchasing one. 

“We provide a total experience,” says Edward Pereira, director of business strategy and development, at Sunburst, describing it as “six-star, white-glove” service. The business is actually going through the process to be white-glove certified. 

“When we talk about that total experience, that is part of that luxury. Anyone can afford the luxury experience and get the same quality treatment as if they were billionaires because we treat everybody that way,” he says. 

And the best part? All you have to do is show up and be ready to enjoy a day on the water. 

Sunburst Yacht Charters is a family-owned, Tampa-based, business that has been providing a yachting experience, since 2018. And, unlike other similar providers in the area, Sunburst is a licensed-insured passenger vessel — meaning the liability falls solely on Sunburst, should something unfortunate happen. 

“The only thing that breaches that is negligence on the part of the user. But, other than that, if somebody stubs a toe, somebody falls overboard, God forbid anything happens, the liability is on us,” Pereira says. “Every other charter service is, what’s considered, a bare-boat charter. And, with the bare-boat charter, you can have one extra passenger, but all the liability transfers to you.”

Sunburst has two yachts, which dock in Harbour Island, in Tampa, the Vanguard and Splashed Out. One is a Sunseeker Manhattan 83’; the other is a Sunseeker Manhattan 88,’ and both accommodate up to 12 guests. Soon, Sunburst will have a third yacht available to charter, one that could hold up to more than 30 passengers. 

With Captain Wendy Clark directing your voyage, all you and your guests do is show up and relax. 

“We write the story, with the end in mind, based on what your expectation is, and then we set those expectations and we go all the way to the end degree,” Pereira says. “When you step on the yacht, it’s your yacht, your experience. We are 110% delivery all the time,and you have nothing to worry about.”

Food is laid out, buffet-style, and bar, with a bartender, is stocked, and you don’t feel the need to return to the cabin for refills. The bartender makes his rounds and refills your beverage without you needing to ask. 

Options for charters include a two-hour sunset cruise, four-hour/half day charter or an eight-hour/full day charter. 

The cost of a charter includes the full-time crew of Clark, a first mate and a steward, light snacks, soft drinks, water and ice, and the cost of fuel. 

For an additional price, Sunburst will also provide a personal bartender, catering and other customizations. 

Whether it’s for personal use, or to impress clients, or even celebrate and thank employees, Sunburst Yacht Charters will roll out the red-carpet service for each client. 

“It’s a unique experience to say thank you. People don’t say thank you enough,” Pereira says. 

White-glove yacht treatment is a welcome thank you, indeed. 

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