Culture or Conduct: How Does Your Board Think About Culture?

“Culture, more than rule books, determines how an organization behaves.” – Warren Buffett With headlines increasingly calling out egregious behaviors by corporate leaders, company culture has moved from its once

The Importance of Breaking Down Barriers in Sales

While recently speaking with members of a women’s business association, I was asked about ways to break down the barriers faced by female sales professionals. My answer: Regardless of gender,

Why your marketing chief should lead your IT team

As U2 front man Bono once said, “We thought that we had the answers. It was the questions we had wrong.” In so many instances, we are seeing companies looking

Buyers and sellers of real estate be warned: Hackers are successfully stealing your money

Business Email Compromise (“BEC”) is a fraud scheme targeting industries that regularly wire funds. According to the FBI, BEC has been reported in all 50 states and in 150 countries.

Five Ways to Ensure Your Sales & Marketing Departments are Aligned

Many business leaders often blur the line between sales and marketing and, while these crucial business development functions are closely intertwined, they are not the same.  Each team within your

How to Expand Your Professional Network Through Volunteerism

Today, we see certain trends: positions being eliminated as businesses strive for greater efficiency, mergers and acquisitions forcing closures of local headquarters, baby boomers coming out of retirement to transition

Four Simple Forecasting Rules for the New Year

As the New Year begins and the “revenue meter” officially (and regrettably?) resets to zero, most sales and management teams are in the process of fine-tuning their forecasting process. Most