Project Dynamo aims to do what’s right in grey areas

It was August 2021, between the American withdrawal from Afghanistan and the 20th anniversary of 9/11, when Bryan Stern met his destiny as a first responder. Stern, a former intelligence operative and agent for the Department of Defense, was cruising 33,000 feet over the Atlantic, using spotty airplane Wi-Fi, when he filed the official paperwork

Hidden figures: The operation that heals the heroes behind the scenes

Operation Healing Forces is a special, nonprofit organization based in the Tampa Bay area, dedicated to supporting the United States Special Operation Forces, the behind-the-scenes, elite men and women from every branch of service, united under Special Operations Command and headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. We’ve all heard of the SOFs—the Navy

Traveling exhibit honoring nation’s fallen military opens in Tampa

Remembering Our Fallen, a photographic war memorial that honors the United States military that were killed in the global war on terror, from September 11, 2001, to August 30, 2021, is currently on display at the Tampa Riverwalk. Hosted by the CRISP (Commitment, Respect, Integrity, Service, Pride) organization, the emotional exhibit will be staged at

Action Zone names executive director

Action Zone, an entrepreneur support organization that serves military community members in establishing, or growing, their businesses, has named Kishima Garcia as its new executive director. Garcia is an entrepreneur, United States Air Force veteran and a military spouse. She previously was executive vice president of human capital and strategy at Quiet Professionals. “Inviting Kishima

Greg Celestan: A seasoned veteran, savvy businessman and seriously fun guy

Greg Celestan’s biography might be a tad intimidating, at first glance. A New Yorker, a graduate of West Point and a retired Army veteran leading U.S. and foreign military personnel. After a quick meeting with him, it’s evident that, while his resume is impressive, the man before you is a humble guy with a great love