The Good Life

Vintage-Style Luggage

Whether running through busy streets to a business meeting, cycling from one neighborhood to another for a quick workout, or city hopping during the weekend to catch an art show, speed and performance are essential. Mont Blanc’s new Urban Racing Spirit collection was created for the hectic and unexpected pace of city life.

Recalling the stripes on 1970s racing cars, red detailing on the zipper pulls and shoulder straps enhances the sports attitude of the collection. The line meets the demands of business and leisure. Individual items range from $140 to $1,610. Visit the Mont Blanc store in International Plaza in Tampa.

Turn it Up

Looking for holiday gifts that keep the party going? Malektronic speakers, owned by Bay area resident Ben Malek, are sure to keep the tunes coming. There are the waterproof Hat Trick 2.0 speaker ($70), the retro-inspired Apollo speaker ($200) and the Satellite True Wireless earphones ($100). Or, if you seek something special, there’s the Rocketman speaker, which might look familiar to Tampa Bay Lightning fans. Rocketman is the Malektronic mascot that appears at games and has made appearances on TV channels including ESPN, Fox and ABC.

Up in the Air

The ICON A5 elevates the way you experience the world. Whether you’re seeking your next adventure, or you simply want to reinvent the weekend getaway, the ICON A5 makes flying more exciting and more accessible than ever before. Prepare to redefine everything you thought you knew about aviation. MSRP is $389,000

Erdei Designs

Peter Erdei, based in Largo, creates one-of-a-kind desks, conference tables and more in his studio. He uses wood found in Washington state and South America, and he focuses on reigniting personal connections with nature and respect for the trees that are crafted into something that is both practical and beautiful. All trees have naturally fallen, and the company plants 1,000 trees annually to help maintain sustainability. Pieces range from $85,000 to $115,000, depending on the size and design package.

NASA Technology Gets You in Shape

Electronic muscle stimulation meets active exercise for outstanding results in only two 20-minute sessions a week. With E-Fit training and your personal 4U Fitness coach, you can maximize your results while cutting your gym time by more than half. When you arrive at 4U Fitness, slip into the E-Fit suit and experience an effective, coach-led, 20-minute workout. E-Fit technology sends electrical impulses to your muscles, causing them to contract and relax. As a result, your entire body is stimulated simultaneously, resulting in a workout that’s up to 50 percent more effective than traditional methods. Certified coaches are always needed to use the system. Sessions run $399 to $699.

Wine storage for the wine enthusiast

Would you leave an original Rembrandt in your basement to collect dust where no one could see it? Then why store a bottle of Chateau Lafite or any of your most prized wine in a place that goes unnoticed. This wine display showcases each and every bottle from the outside. Named after the late French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, the Silhouette Renoir is the industry’s first solid-state wine display with looks rivalling that of the world’s most beautiful works of art. $5,999

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