5 Digital Marketing Trends Here To Stay In 2019

Companies today have a variety of digital marketing trends to keep up with each year. Whether it’s generating leads, improving social media efforts or implementing a new feature on your website, 2019 brings even more tools and tactics to dive into. While we have come to expect change in the digital landscape to mold how we execute our tactics, there are important digital marketing trends that we expect to carry into this year and years to come.

What are the digital marketing trends that aren’t going away in 2019 and beyond?

From personalization to targeting the up-and-coming generation, here are five of the timeliest strategies to make your digital marketing efforts more engaging to help achieve your strategic business goals.

Personalized Customer Experience

Success in inbound marketing is about providing users with content that draws them to your website, earns their trust by answering their questions and provides valuable information. The drive toward creating more personalized content around products and services is increasing as consumers become savvier and want a better user experience online. Personalized content can mean tailoring your content to appeal to a specific demographic or be aimed at potential buyers who have a higher understanding of your product or service. The idea is to engage consumers and provide them with information, not bombard them with advertising.

Machine Learning & Marketing Automation

From using programmatic marketing to making real-time ad buys to crunching data that develops a more complete picture of customers, automation will provide you with an advantage over those who don’t put it into play. Automation is part of almost every phase of marketing and sales and will allow your company to build better relationships with customers and close sales faster. Platforms like HubSpot provide automation and machine learning that is complete, intuitive and accessible. As a HubSpot Gold Certified Agency Partner, we live and breathe automation and use it to help our clients grow.

Targeting Generation Z

Generation Z is the generation born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s. The oldest among that generation are now preparing to embark on their adult journey, including making purchasing decisions on things they need. They also grew up very comfortable with using the internet for every type of transaction, making them the most digitally-savvy generation yet. If you haven’t started coming up with a marketing plan to reach this generation, look to add it to your goals for 2019.

Dynamic Funnel Marketing

Currently, most companies attempt to guide users along a set path through a website, eventually bringing them to a landing page where a certain action is asked of them. Dynamic marketing takes the possibilities of machine learning and combines it with stellar content to enhance that path. Using data, your website can determine what customers want to see next in real-time. This allows you to keep users interested by showing them content that data indicates they most want to see and creates a personalized funnel designed to get them to perform your desired action.

Video Marketing

If you haven’t yet gotten into video, you are falling behind the competition. Do research on what other companies in your industry are doing in terms of video and determine what might work best for you. There are many ways to go about this but to do it right, this is an area where you may want to consult with professionals.

Kevin Hourigan is the President and CEO of Bayshore Solutions and for over 23 years, his company has provided clients with digital solutions that grow their businesses. To contact Kevin, please email [email protected]


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