The Good Life: Bulargi, Ferragamo and more

Bulgari Gemme Zahira

Like a journey across the hot golden deserts of Arabia, this bright gem radiates energy. It is the heat of the sun, the keeper of the flame: A stone that bestows confidence and charisma, inspiring admiration and respect. Zahira, meaning shining and luminous in Arabic, evokes the intense glow of imperial topaz. This luminous eau de parfum diffuses the glowing warmth of the desert. Master Perfumer: Daniela Andrier. Price: $332. (Pictured above)

Almost Naked Swimwear

Almost Naked Swimwear

Almost Naked Swimwear is focused on making women feel beautiful, empowered and comfortable in their own skin. With textured, flattering fabrics in a wide range of colors, this swimwear line features modern, complementary designs that gives an “almost naked” feel. The company was founded by Kylie Williams, in 2013, who brought on Amanda Pace as a cofounder in 2019. Headquartered in Orange County, California, these two beach-born, and raised, women are passionate about the ocean and making women feel as if they’re a part of it with swimwear fabric that fits like a glove and is made to last. Swimwear ranges from $70 to $175.



Elegant, and formal, these loafers are adorned with a Gancini bit in two finishes, antique gold and palladium, for a contemporary touch. The leather is handcrafted for a soft and natural feel, while the sole is created almost entirely by hand in the highly specialized “Originali” process, comprising multiple steps to guarantee impeccable quality. Collection FW 19 in calfskin. Price: $850.

Élan Aesthetics

Katrina Riley and Lindsey Cronk

Élan Aesthetics, a boutique medical-spa, is joining the retail lineup at Hyde Park Village. Hyde Park Village’s first med-spa is a collaboration between longtime friends Katrina Riley and Lindsey Cronk—both are accomplished nurse practitioners with a focus in aesthetic medicine, Riley also is a National Allergan trainer and was voted to the “Top 100 Best Injectors in America” list by Med-Aesthetics America. Riley and Cronk first opened Élan in 2019, bringing state-of-the-art treatments, and international techniques, to Tampa while focusing on quality and safety for its clients. They have trained with industry-leading physicians, including Shino Bay, Tapan Patel and others, to perfect the new aesthetic techniques they will offer.

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