The Good Life: Booze and Bubbles & Stealth

Booze and Bubbles

Booze and Bubbles brings beverages to its customers, at their doorsteps, for a unique drinking experience with two unique services. The Boozie option provides the customer with six customizable drinking taps with a long list of options including hot drinks, kids drinks, alcoholic beverages and nonalcoholic drinks. Booze and Bubbles also offers a premium-style Champagne wall.

Whether throwing a grownup party or kids events, Boozie is currently serving, and available, in Tampa and Central Florida. Prices vary based on custom packages.


If you’re looking for a fun, at-home, workout, Stealth might be what you’re looking for. Stealth is an innovative way to work 29 muscle groups while playing video games. This fitness tool turns your body into a game control while you plank. Play video games and work your core for as little as three minutes a day. The regular price is $149.

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