20 Questions with Brad Oleshansky

Founder and CEO, The Motor Enclave

Brad Oleshansky spent more than 12 years of his career as an entertainment attorney in Los Angeles, including roles at Virgin Records, The Walt Disney Company, a boutique Beverly Hills law firm and several global marketing services agencies. He was CEO of a biopharma-focused digital marketing firm, Big Communications, which was sold to Meredith Corp. (NYSE: MDP) in 2008.

Oleshansky left Meredith in December 2012 to develop and build M1 Concourse, a $75 million-plus auto enthusiast destination in Pontiac, Michigan. He built M1 Concourse into the largest private garage community in the world and the premier destination for automotive-inspired events.

In 2019, he launched The Motor Enclave, the first unified brand for experiential automotive communities, which is currently developing projects in Tampa and Nashville.

1. College alma mater? Ithaca College in New York.

2. Last show you binge watched? Yellowstone.

3. Favorite place for a business meeting? Oxford Exchange.

4. iPhone or Android? iPhone.

5. What did you eat for lunch today? Greek salad.

6. We’ll find you on the weekend doing? Promoting The Motor Enclave at automotive and lifestyle events.

7. What movie terrified you as a child? Jaws.

8. Proudest moment? My twins both going to college and soon to be graduating.

9. Dream dinner companion? Warren Buffett.

10. Any pets? No.

11. Best concert you’ve ever seen live? Prince, on the Purple Rain tour at the Pontiac (Mich. Silverdome.)

12. What is your cellphone wallpaper image?. A picture of a Ferrari F12.

13. Most famous person you’ve ever met? Tupac Shakur.

14. What is your go-to drink order? Grey Goose and grapefruit juice.

15. Favorite candy? Twizzlers.

16. Last thing you ordered from Amazon? Noise-canceling earbuds.

17. Pool or beach? Pool.

18. Charity you support? ORT America.

19. Favorite childhood memory? Driving with my dad in his 1923 Model T Hot Rod.

20. Words of advice? Nurture your network.

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