Wee Macree, a ‘give-back brand’ for kids launches on World Children’s Day

The Wee Macree, Give-Back Collective Celebrates World Children’s Day on November 20th at Butter Bug Boutique.

As a community, the Tampa Bay area is committed to nurturing, and raising, children to make a positive impact. The launch of Wee Macree, a give-back collective, will help Tampa support the causes that benefit local children.

Wee Macree is the brainchild of Julie Tingley, a former leader with the KNOW Women Tampa Bay and a mom of two girls. As a dedicated parent she saw a need, in the Tampa Bay community, to focus more energy on children.

Tingley wanted to nurture a community for children, ages 3-10, that emphasized inspiration, purpose and empathy. In a world that is often tainted by uncertainty, social pressures and human detachment, she says she saw the potential for children to “do good” with local, and national, nonprofit partners.

“Wee Macree was founded with the simple realization that small acts, when compounded together, can change the world,” Tingley says. “We believe that by building a community of helpers, we can safeguard the well-being of children everywhere. A Wee Macree shirt celebrates the individuality of the child who wears it and offers visual recognition of the impact of their actions. We honor the heart in each of us, we seek friendship in one another and strive to make every effort to show that kids caring for kids is the way forward.”

The launch of Wee Macree falls on a perfect date, World Children’s Day on Saturday, November 20. It is a special day meant to promote international togetherness, awareness of children’s needs and commitment to children’s welfare in the global community.

Wee Macree is commemorating the occasion by hosting a free shopping event at Butter Bug Boutique, a small woman-owned business, with giveaways from Tampa Bay businesses. Following the event 40 percent of the proceeds will benefit local nonprofit TRIBE Seminole Heights. TRIBE is a community-focused nonprofit that integrates unique learning experiences, family support and strategic outreach with a focus on the wellness of children and families.



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