The Good Life: Vdora collection and Josh Rosebrook’s Full Body Collection

Vdora now in the area

International Diamond Center is now carrying the Vdora collection. Vdora’s curated collections are designed to mix, match and accessorize in every way, no matter the day or occasion. The brand’s jewelry is designed and crafted with precisions and meticulous attention to detail. “Our inspiration comes from a woman’s bold inner strength and how her light shines bright with confidence,” a statement from Vdora says. 

For when your skincare Needs a Revamp

Taking care of your skin shouldn’t just stop at the face. Give your body some TLC with celebrity-adored Josh Rosebrook’s newly launched body care products. A reflection of the brand’s belief that skincare shouldn’t stop at the neck, the Full Body Collection ($99) is a three-piece regimen that includes the Biome Body Cleanse, a lush cleanser to replenish the skin’s surface; the Body Acid Serum, an exfoliating treatment that smooths, brightens and moisturizes; and the C Body Cream, a nutrient-dense moisturizing cream that rejuvenates the skin

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