Bryan Stern to announce new rescue operation while commemorating 80th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy

Bryan Stern, a local combat veteran who founded and previously served as CEO of Project DYNAMO, will officially announce his next phase of missions to save lives at an expo in Normandy, France commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

Under his leadership at Project DYNAMO, Stern oversaw the rescue of nearly 7,000 people, from perilous situations in war-torn countries or other areas where conflict threatens lives. Those rescues, in at least some cases, included pets.

A combat veteran with more than 25 years’ experience in hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, critical technology protection and unconventional warfare, Stern will announce his new venture, leading Grey Bull Rescue, which will continue rescuing vulnerable populations from global war zones along with a team of veterans from Army Special Operations and the Navy SEALS.

The team will also participate in a series of parachute jumps over the beaches of Normandy, following similar patterns and tactics used on D-Day.

“The tactics that we employ in our missions and evacuations in denied areas today are derived directly from the OSS heroes of World War II whose bravery and methods set the conditions, back on June 6, 1944, ahead of Operation: OVERLORD,” Stern said.

“It’s only fitting that as our rescue teams of Grey Bull Rescue get ready to launch into our next phase of operations that we first recognize the bravery of our service members 80 years ago in the very skies and on the beaches where history was made. These brave Americans, part of the famed Jedburg teams, were operating under cover, behind enemy lines in advance of the largest airborne and amphibious operation in history. We are humbled to jump where they jumped, land where they landed and walk where they walked.”

Stern’s post-military experience includes rescue missions in more than 70 countries, most recently in Haiti as then-CEO of Project DYNAMO. He’s also run missions in Ukraine, Russia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Israel and Gaza.

“The world has more strife globally than we have seen in 80 years,” Stern said. “As we commemorate this anniversary, we do so with our sights set on the need for future evacuation operations and rescue missions, which are actively being planned. The world, and American citizens in dire situations, need our support now, more than ever. There are more Americans in captivity today than in the last 40 years.”

Stern is a Purple Heart recipient and has been recognized for his service by the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Army, Chief of U.S. Army Infantry, the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Director of the FBI and the U.S. Attorney General.

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