The Good Life: Lamborghini, boutique CBD store and more

Lamborghini Hybrid

Sian, which means “lightning bolt” in the Bolognese dialect of Italian, is the name of the first Lamborghini hybrid production car, with 63 produced.

The mild-hybrid uses both a combustion engine and an electric motor to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. The design allows the car to mount an internal combustion engine with an electric motor to keep the weight down. The Sian’s electric motor was specifically designed to support the V12 engine and increase its performance.

The Sian was unveiled at IAA 2019 (International Automobile Exhibition) in Frankfurt, Germany, in September. Its estimated cost is $3.6 million.

MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow

Luxury Travel Pillow

With the holidays weeks away, an early gift might make your travels more comfortable.

MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow and Travel Pack are wellness-centered luxury products, created to provide relief and enhance your overall travel experience. Enter a fully customizable design made to fit your body.

The MyJet Travel Pack includes all the items needed to completely control your atmosphere. It includes an LED light, travel blanket, eyeshades and noise-cancelling headphones. Add an adjustable footrest that allows you to straighten your legs and relieve low-back pressure. Gain additional seat space by using a flexible device holder, for when your tray table is in its upright position. Fair warning, the Travel Packs were sold out at the time of publication.

For every MyJet Travel Pillow purchased the company donates a model exclusively designed to fit a child’s wheelchair or hospital bed. Price range is $149-$349.

Rachel Quinn at Your CBD Store in St. Petersburg

Boutique CBD Store

Curious about CBD? Your CBD Store at 1219 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. N., in St. Petersburg, sells products using the marijuana extract, cannabidiol, infusing it in body lotions and edibles. It has a welcoming atmosphere that is almost spa-like, and employees will take time to walk you through all of its offerings.

The products at Your CBD Store are 100-percent organic, non-genetically modified industrial hemp and can be purchased without a prescription. You can get the substance in capsule forms, edibles, water soluble and skin lotions. In addition, the store carries CBD products for pets.

Your CBD Store was established by Rachel Quinn. She launched her first store in Bradenton in 2018 and just one year later, the company now has more than 400 retail outlets in 34 states. The company held its annual conference in Tampa in September. 

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