Sail away for the day with Anchor Yacht Charters

Owning a boat, or a yacht, can be a daunting task. It’s often said, in jest, that it’s “better to have a friend with a boat.”

Anchor Yachts Charters can be that friend.

Pack your day bag, show up and enjoy. Anchor makes it that easy.

Food and beverages are already loaded, and ready for you, and there is no cleanup. After a day on the water, you simply dock and walk off the boat. It’s the easiest day on the water you will find.

For the day I visited, the team at Anchor Yachts arranged Mazzaro’s Italian Market catering and purchased all of the beverages on our behalf. They had the food stored and had a schedule for when different appetizers and food would be laid out for passengers. There was an open bar and a dedicated bartender to mix drinks.

Later, this person would be extremely valuable as passengers floated on the island raft after anchoring at Egmont Key. No need to leave the raft; the team goes above and beyond to make sure you’re taken care of, even jumping in the water to bring you drinks.

Now that we’ve covered how relaxing and easy this experience is, it’s time to shine a light on the star of the show: the amazing yacht.

Victory is a 1988 classic American, 85-foot, fully restored Burger luxury motor yacht. Burger yachts have long been recognized as some of the finest-quality luxury yachts in the world, because of their fine craftsmanship, custom design, woodwork, reliability and safety.

The Victory demonstrates this with its stabilizers, and width, which allows for the smoothest cruising, along with its beautiful brass and cherry wood interior, reminiscent of a rich classic American steakhouse and its gorgeous teak decks, floors and accents throughout.

Make no mistake: This isn’t a boat. With three levels, three bedrooms,  three bathrooms, and a full kitchen, this is a sea vessel of dreams.

On the way to Egmont, most passengers enjoyed the top deck, sunbathing and watching the view, as we passed under the Skyway Bridge.

Inside, there was music playing on the Bluetooth speakers and a high-definition television but make no mistake, the best place to be is outside enjoying the breeze and the view.

On the Burger yacht, we were on, there was also a back patio with a table that provided some much-needed shade on the cruise back to St. Petersburg.

Don’t need a yacht? Anchor also has sailboats and powerboats for charter.

The charter company says it’s here to take the hassle out of enjoying the open waters. And it delivers.

While social distancing continues, this is a luxurious option to get out of the house and sail away.

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