The Good Life: How to look dapper this spring

By Chris Cyrille, founder and men’s wardrobe stylist at Canopy Road Retail

Spring 2022 is here, and we are finally back outside. Over the past couple of years, the invisible enemy has wholly upended our lives. I will refrain from addressing it by name because, by now, I’m sure you may be just as tired of it as I am. Through it all, though, my thoughts are with you, for I’m sure your everyday life has changed, even if just a bit, with everything going on in the world.

Also, in that time, the city of Tampa has come into its own. Our professional sports teams are winning and development in the city has skyrocketed. It also helps that we have the most fun. Mardi Gras can’t hold a candle to Gasparilla. With the local scene blowing up, make sure you are prepared to step out this spring with these great tips and the season’s hottest looks.

• Textured V-neck polos. The classic polo is nice, but it is time to switch things up. The V-neck polo is hassle-free and brings more style to your wardrobe. The open collar enhances its relaxed feel.

• Bright colors. This spring is about vibrant, sparkling relief. As the winter chills breeze away, we need colors that are rejuvenating. Give your wardrobe a jolt to reflect the optimistic feel of the season.

• Checkered sport coats. A sport coat looks excellent when coupled with items with a bit of ruggedness. It’s not quite as formal as a suit and somewhat less dressy than a blazer. Wear it with some worn-in denim, a neat yet simple button-up, and a pair of dress boots for a classic casual but intelligent style this spring.

• Comfortable, stylish casual shoes. Emphasis on comfortable. With offices loosening up their dress codes and more of life being at home, it is vital that we feel good while looking good. Keep a pair of casual shoes that won’t have your toes hurting in the Florida heat.

• Paisley. A classic bohemian print, paisley is evocative and powerful. The pattern will turn heads this spring and leave an imprint on everyone you interact with throughout your day.

• Athleisure Wear. Athletes have turned arena entrances into fashion runways, and the arrival shot is now a fixture of all professional sports leagues. This spring, bring the tunnel to your next outing and wow the venue.

• Classic Tuxedo. No matter the season, any chance to wear a tuxedo is a chance to look amazing. Tuxedos are simple, but men always look dashing in them. This look is a style that every guy should try at least once in his life.

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