YMCAs in Tampa Bay area work to support the community during COVID-19 pandemic

Several YMCA organizations in the Tampa Bay area are working to provide support for the most vulnerable in the community, while the COVID-19 crisis persists.

Some of these programs include providing meals to children, virtual resources and even personally calling senior members to help provide social interaction, even if by phone.

“We’re trying to keep everyone connected,” says Matt Mitchell, president and CEO of Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA. “When we saw how long this would be going on, we knew we had to do something.”

YMCA of the Suncoast and YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg are also working together, to provide support services for the communities they serve.

Also, the organizations are providing emergency relief care for children of medical personnel, first responders and other essential workers, so they can continue to focus on public health.

“We’re trying to be as innovative as possible to help the community,” Mitchell said.

Florida Blue provided a $100,000 gift to help sustain the programs. YMCA’s are asking people that are considering canceling their memberships to, instead, donate those fees to help them continue the programs they are offering to those on the front line.

“Regardless of the losses, we will continue to provide these services to the community as long as they are needed,” Mitchell said.

Note: The photo above was taken prior to the coronavirus pandemic. 

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