The Good Life: Tiffany’s Atlas Collection and Alec Bradley Cigars

Alec Bradley Cigar’s 10-year Anniversary Sets

Alec Bradley Cigar’s first boxes of its 10-Year Anniversary Fine & Rare sets are arriving in the United States. In total, 500 limited edition boxes were created.

Ten years ago, Alec Bradley founder, Alan Rubin introduced the world to the Alec Bradley Fine & Rare, a novel concept and challenge for Rubin to create blends using an unheard of 10 different tobaccos. To date, Alec Bradley has released five different iterations of the project. The 10 Year Anniversary Fine & Rare sets feature examples of all five iterations from their original release years.

All of the cigars contained in the box have been in aging and are from the original batch-specific to release year. The set retails for $600.00.

Tiffany’s Atlas Collection

Introduced in 1995, Tiffany’s iconic Atlas jewelry collection is a bold symbol of the luxury house that redefines the familiar Roman numeral motif in an array jewelry, watches and accessories. With an aesthetic that has gained an unmistakably Tiffany appeal over the years, the Atlas collection is named after the mythological Greek Titan who is depicted in a wooden statue holding a clock above the main doors of the Tiffany & Co. Fifth Avenue flagship store.

In 2020, Tiffany began phasing out the original Atlas designs and introduced a new lineup—Atlas X—revolutionizing the Roman numeral motif. Pictured here is the X Closed Circle Pendant ($9,500), the X Closed Wide Ring ($7,000) and the X Closed Wide Hinged Bangle ($27,000).

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