The Good Life: BSWANKY debuts American Alligator Luxury Tote

Sarasota-based luxury design house and atelier, BSWANKY, known for their attention to quality and iconic handbag designs, has partnered with a South Florida alligator farm operation, Alligators International, which practices a “Marsh to Market” mentality. 

Gretchen Bauer, founder of BSWANKY, says she became inundated with requests for special order alligator accessories from both trophy hunters and enthusiasts.

Bauer reached out to several alligator hunting organizations. Her third call led to Mark Clemons, in South Florida, who also was in search of a luxury atelier to partner with.  When they met only three days after the call, they could clearly see that their visions were aligned. The two tote designs, made from the rarest grade 1 flawless American alligator skins, start at $13,500. 

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