TIGER 21 expands Tampa Bay footprint with a new chapter, adds additional chair to work alongside Allen Clary

TIGER 21, an exclusive peer membership network of high-net-worth entrepreneurs, investors and executives, is growing its presence in the Tampa Bay region.

The membership group will add a third chapter, with Vera Anderson leading the new group, while Allen Clary will continue to lead the two previously established groups in the area.

“Over the last several years, TIGER 21 has grown a lot by way of member accounts and also internationally. We now have more than 1,300 members worldwide. A few years back, we were under 1,000,” says Clary. “I could see months ago that the two [established] groups were filling up and we would need a third group. That’s what prompted us to find Vera.”

Anderson is an international business mindset and legacy coach. She works with global business leaders on exceeding business goals, establishing a legacy-driven, sustainable lifestyle and reaching their full potential at every level of success. She is also a TBBW contributing writer.

“I have been working with fund managers, entrepreneurs and family office principals in the United States, and internationally, with succession planning, exits, family dynamics and defining that next phase of life, from a personal perspective, as an individual. These are some of the same challenges that are faced by TIGER 21 members, who are also very strong entrepreneurs and wealth creators,” says Anderson. “There was this natural alignment, in terms of our missions.”

The invitation-only group is about 15 people, maximum. It seeks to include individuals with diverse backgrounds, industries and those who are emotionally intelligent, lifelong learners, Anderson says.

“People who can check their egos at the door and show up prepared to learn and to also contribute to each meeting,” Anderson says. “It takes a very specific person. With the entrepreneurial culture there is this sense of being a lone wolf. A feeling of being alone at the top. And what we’re doing is bringing all these lone wolves together so they can be a pack and they can be a stronger pack.”

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